Wednesday, 30 April 2008

New Entry

Without the help from my relations,I would be unable to communicate with you. My cousin Ruth, husband John, son Duncan and my son Bob have been in this since the beginning. Duncan set up my web site and the help has been on going. I am not computer efficient, in fact very stupid at times, and John has helped and taught me so much and been very patient. I thank them all for their loyal support.
On Tuesday I went back to the gym. Trainer Robert was on duty and asked me how I felt. "Tired" I said "I don't feel like a work out to-day" Well that's ok" Robert said "We'll sort you out once you are over the jet lag" So I went home!!
On Wednesday reporter Steve came to take photographs of me for a magazine. "I want you and the rear wheel of your bike in the water"(I live by the sea) "Next I want you looking through the spokes of the wheel and then I want you to cycle the bike with the view of The Mull of Galloway in the background. Very good ,we'll do that again." He took 22 photographs and I suggested a bit of air brushing might help!! After lunch I cycled to the dreaded gym. Christine was there,regular trainer,and off we went.Slow but picking up. I wanted to get back to what I was before I went to Australia. On the way home a storm blew up,hail stones and cold wind belting off my face and I still had 14 miles to cycle. I arrived home soaked to the skin and miserable. I ran a bath, poured a glass of red wine which I drank while enjoying the comfort of the bath. I'll have many days of snow, wind and rain in the Rockies and then have to put my tent up and prepare food---no luxury like a bath and glass of wine!!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Up date on Bike Ride

I have just returned from Australia where I was a guest at my Neice, Stephanie's wedding. Her mum, my late sister, died four years ago of cancer and that is the reason I am now involved with Macmillan Cancer Support.
Before I left I felt well and very fit. A lot of it was due to the work out at the gym and to Christine Brown a fitness instructor. I went three times a week and Christine took a lot of time with my training. Some days I did not feel like the quite punishing programme she put me through but, once she got me going, I was away and enjoying
Unforgetable though it was the spell in Australia has set me back and I have a lot to do to get back on track. To-day I am meeting friends for a farewell lunch and then heading to the gym. I have a step machine at home and also weights and work out a bit with them. To take on this marathon bike ride , I'll have to be 100% fit. My friend Penny and I have only a couple of weeks left before we head off into the unknown and for the next 4 months
we'll be in the saddle ---scary!!!
I'll update my blogg as often as possible while away, but may be difficult when we reach prairie country.
We'll be hitting the Rockies a few days after we start and I believe there is one day of 30klms of steep, steep hill
which leaves me some what daunted. Although the training slipped a bit in Australia there was a particular day when I got hold of a bike and a steep hill. I decided to spend an hour or so just going up and down this hill. Curiosity became the better of one gentleman who came out to pretend to sweep the leaves off the grass. He eventually decided to enquire the purpose of this proceedure I had set myself. When I told him I ended up having tea in his house and also the tales of the 7 years he had spent in Canada!! I am sure as we pedal on,. we'll have so many stories to tell.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

In Preperation For Bike Ride

Working out how to update Blog!!

Preparing for Bike Ride

Working out how to update blog in preperation for Canada!



Friday, 18 April 2008

New message

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Hello everybody. I am Mavis Paterson, otherwise known as Grannymave. On 18 May this year I go to Canada along with my friend Penny Weir. Together we plan to cycle 6,000 miles across the continent to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. You can find more about this adventure on my website at