Thursday, 4 September 2008

Last Words from Canada

3 September
Randy has finished his last interview with us for Triple Echo Productions planned BBC programme on the Big Ride to be show later in the year and is driving us to the airport. I had a lovely massage this morning before the long journey home. We have to fly to Newark and wait 4 hrs for our next flight to Amsterdam and then 3hrs there before flying to Glasgow. I want to thank Randy and all the other helpers and friends old and new I have met during this amazing journey for all their support kindness and wonderful hospitality. We have had incredible ups and downs but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I owe a huge debt to cousins John and Ruth who have been with me since the beginning. I don't think they will ever know how much it has meant to me. They were Base Camp always there for me and kept everyone informed of my progress. Thank you so much to everyone.


25th August
Shediac to Confederation Bridge
We have decided to go to Prince Edward Island as we have a day or two to spare. We had to cross the bridge in a mini bus as cyclists are not allowed to cycle across the bridge. - WOW - WOW

Dear Blogger Readers,
I am missing out a few days but will fill in when I return to Scotland and tell you what happened on fantastic Prince Edward Island and later in Novia Scotia, Canada's Ocean Playground. There is one thing I must tell you. We heard that the very fine airline ZOOM was no longer operating and we would now have to sort out an airline to take us home. We went to the tourist office in Pictou Nova Scotia where the staff of three lovely girls were a great help to us. Penny did the booking on their computer which took hours of endless red tape. - WOW

Lobster Capital of the World

24th August
Salisbury to Shediac
More cycling mostly on autopilot. More later, lobsters and all that,_New_Brunswick


23rd August
Whites Cove to Salisbury
A never ending cycle of friends and new friends. We had put up our tents in a public park and were worried about leaving our gear there to go to find somewhere to eat. We cycled into the town with our panniers and found a nice little restaurant. A short while later a couple came over to ask to join us. We chatted away and they were interested in the Bike Ride. We told them we were camping in the park and they immediately insisted on picking up our tents and driving us to stay the night with them. Larry and Anne asked us if we liked Country Western music and when we said we did we were taken to a great night in their local pub.

More of the Same

22nd August
Keswick to White Cove.
Just another day of cycling, eating and taking down and putting up tents. More about it eventually in the book.

Struggling To Cope With The Local Food

21st August
Woodstock to Keswick
This was a sad day for me as there was a message from Becky on my mobile saying she would not be back to do any more filming. She had hoped so much to rejoin us again but sadly not to be. A girl with a wonderful future and we wish her all the very best. We were invited to stay with friends of Penny's, Francesca and Tim who live in Keswick Bridge. We were given a great welcome. We dined that night on crispy crunchy fresh corn on the cob, local barbequed salmon with fresh garden vegetables and red, red wine (and you think we are having a tough time !)Whilst replying later to e-mails and blogging a call summoned me to sample a very fine malt. Yea, life is a struggle!!

Day Off In Woodstock

Mave was not able to send her Perth to Prince Edward Island blogs until somewhat later so they appear slightly out of order here.

20th August
Perth to Woodstock
Heidi had insisted we breakfast with her in her log cabin and Scott would join us. So there we were, instead of having our usual instant porridge and banana, we were treated to the finest omelettes. First we sampled Scotts' and then Heidis' - delicious. They suggested we take a day off as they would like to take us on a tour of the area where the Scottish families came to settle so long ago. It was so interesting and fun to be with Scott and Heidi.
A bit mixed up with the dates.
We packed and cycled a few kms along the road to have coffee with Paul Kinney (met him in restaurant the night before) village councillor for Perth and Andover. His house was massive and was used as a base for the Scottish immigrants. He apologised for the milk being a bit off and to our surprise a large bottle of Bailley's arrived on the table. He insisted on pouring it in to our coffee as it would most deffinitely enhance the taste! he showed us round the grounds and then we were off to Woodstock. For some reason, Penny thought this was the swinging Woodstock of the 60's as she had been there with her daughter 10 years ago! As it was not, in fact, that particular Woodstock it sadly turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.