Thursday, 4 September 2008

Struggling To Cope With The Local Food

21st August
Woodstock to Keswick
This was a sad day for me as there was a message from Becky on my mobile saying she would not be back to do any more filming. She had hoped so much to rejoin us again but sadly not to be. A girl with a wonderful future and we wish her all the very best. We were invited to stay with friends of Penny's, Francesca and Tim who live in Keswick Bridge. We were given a great welcome. We dined that night on crispy crunchy fresh corn on the cob, local barbequed salmon with fresh garden vegetables and red, red wine (and you think we are having a tough time !)Whilst replying later to e-mails and blogging a call summoned me to sample a very fine malt. Yea, life is a struggle!!

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